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Is it Possible to Find iMessage for Windows?

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One of the main things that people know about Apple is that they do not like to integrate their software with other hardware manufacturers. Although Google and Microsoft like to put their software on basically every kind of computer in the world, Apple likes to keep all of their technology together. This means that it is rather difficult to find iMessage for Windows. Apple does not like the idea of letting Windows users message people through iMessage because they want those people to switch over to Apple computers. Some people do not like this move from Apple, but it has actually worked quite well for them over the long term. If someone wants to be able to use iMessage and interact with their friends, then they are going to need to purchase some kind of device from Apple. Having said that, there are one or two workarounds that people can use to get something close to iMessage for Windows. Let’s take a look at whether or not someone will be able to use iMessage on their Windows device.

Can Anyone Use iMessage on a Desktop Computer or Laptop?

If anyone just wants to be able to use iMessage on their desktop computer, then they should be happy to know that this is possible. Some people get into long conversations on iMessage, and they want to be able to continue that conversation with a keyboard when they get home. Anyone who wants to continue a conversation from their phone on their home computer will need to have an Apple desktop or laptop. If someone has the Mac operating system on their computer, then they will definitely be able to use iMessage from home. Users of Windows and Linux will not be able to use iMessage on their computers because Apple does not allow that kind of action at this time.

The Windows Workaround

There is only one way to get the iMessage platform on a Windows computer. There is an app called Remote Messages, and this application will allow anyone to pull up iMessage in a web browser if that person is on the same network as an iPhone. This will not be a solution for people who want iMessage for Windows and do not own an iPhone, but it works quite well for people who just want to be able to use their iPhone on a larger screen with some extra hardware. By using a keyboard with iMessage in the web browser, one can send out messages rather quickly, and they do not need to worry about being limited by the typing speed that they usually have on the iPhone touchscreen. Since they are connected to iMessage through a web browser with this iPhone app, they will also be able to use this solution on Linux or any kind of operating system that allows someone to browse the web.

Will There Ever Be an iMessage Client for Windows?Is it Possible to Find iMessage for Windows?

It is rather difficult to predict the future when it comes to any kind of technology, but it would be a pretty good bet to say that iMessage is not going to be released for Windows at any point in the near future. The one situation where Apple would perhaps eventually release iMessage for Windows would be if their hardware ever became rather unpopular. This is a move that we have recently seen from Blackberry where they are now released Blackberry Messenger for iPhone and Android phones.

Is it Possible to Find iMessage for Windows?
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